NO SCARS No_Scars Aloevera+Neem Extract FaceWash 2x60ml (Pack of 2)

268 178


NO SCARS No_Scars Aloevera+Neem Extract FaceWash 2x60ml (Pack of 2)

268 178

  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Double action remedy for hyperpigmentation that helps to reduce scars, marks, blemishes, post-pimple scars, stretch scars, dark circles under the eyes and burn scars
  • Do not allow the Facewash to enter eyes and mouth, Discontinue the use if skin irritation occurs
  • Helps reduce the causes of blemishes
  • Contains activated carbon, which easily absorbs and lifts away the black impurities and pollution particles

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Nothing makes a woman beautiful that the belief that she is beautiful. This belief paves the way to the real beauty inside which reflects outside. So, now get a beautiful face with this, No Scars Face Wash which has aloe Vera extracts that naturally moisturizes the dry skin, minimizes the pores. Its anti-bacterial effect keeps germs away and antioxidants help to keep skin hydrated, rejuvenated and blooming all day. No Scars Facewash Salicylic acid with Neem extract treats acne by reducing swelling and redness and unplugging blocked skin pores to allow pimples to shrink. It treats other skin conditions by softening and loosening dry, scaly, or thickened skin so that it falls off or can be removed easily. It also possesses weak antifungal and antibacterial activity.

No Scar white deep cleansing face wash provides you an effective way to get radiant and flawless skin. This face wash is infused with active ingredients to provide you cleanliness that goes beyond the realm of regular cleansers. It penetrates deep into your skin cells to remove clogged dirt, dust and grime. It revitalizes your skin to make it look smoother and younger. This face wash also removes the layers of dead skin cells, revealing fair looking skin underneath. You can use this face wash frequently as its very gentle and won’t leave your skin dry. Get better looking skin with Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Face Wash, get this right away.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 cm

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