Friends Premium Adult Diaper Pants Extra Large 10 Pcs (Pack of 4)

2,600 2,499


Friends Premium Adult Diaper Pants Extra Large 10 Pcs (Pack of 4)

2,600 2,499

  • Brand                                    Friends Diapers
  • Model Name                       Premium Diaper Pants
  • Ideal for                               Men & Woman
  • Type                                       Adult Diapers
  • Best Before                          36 Months
  • Size                                          Large – Extra Large
  • Anti Perspiration               No
  • Manufacturer                      Nobel Hygiene
  • Net quantity                         40 Pcs


About this Item

  • Comfortable underwear-like unisex adult diaper pants with waist elastic for a snug fit, specially designed for indian body type.
  • Rapid absorption layer for quick absorption
  • High absorbency adult diaper pants with absorb lock core that offer maximum protection from leakage
  • Our leading and highest selling product in Pants category
  • Offers up to 8 hours of protection
  • Unique Wetness Indicator
  • It also has the Ant-bacterial SAP which keeps bacteria away and protects against infections and rashes
    Odour Lock Feature to keep Bad Smell Away
  • Rapid absorption layer that ensures the urine is absorbed quickly.
  • Friends adult diaper pants extra large offer upto 8 hours protection against leakage, moisture and have odour lock

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One pack of Friends premium diaper pants consists of 10 pant style diapers for adults, specifically designed for people who suffer from light or mild incontinence. These pull-up adult incontinence diapers are easy to wear and flexible.Friends Adult Diaper Pants comes with an absorb-lock core that protects you from leakage with the help of its antibacterial super absorbent core with a rapid absorption layer. FRIENDS Premium Adult Diapers are made with the best materials and technology imported from all over the world.

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 52 × 30 × 24 cm

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