Our Standard

The ”Biggbull Mart Standard” is the standard of excellence by which we judge ourselves. Its make us different from other businesses, through our way of working, our ethos, our hard work. Overall we can say, ”BIGGBULL” is our heart beat and to successfully survive. It we can do everything which is possible from us; by mentally or physically or by both.

It’s something that’s reflected in the figures we have achieved over the past years, but it’s about so much more than just figures and profits.

It’s a measure of the perfection we strive to achieve every minute of every day. It’s a highly rarefied approach that drives our growth and maintains our momentum.

It’s about dening to dream on behalf of our clients.

It’s about building genuine partnerships with our clients and growing our business on the basis of these relationships as they flourish. It’s about every drop of intellectual capital that we process, to help our clients realize their goals.

It’s about creating a working environment when exceptional people want to build their long-term careers. It’s about developing a culture of ownership one full of opportunity and individual responsibility where initiative is rewarded and not crushed.

It’s about having the integrity to do the right thing. Put simply, it all adds up to an outstanding first year and the promise of an even better. Year in 1998. Our achievements both financial and non-financial-point to one simple truth we achieved.

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