Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Review + Discount

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Review + Discount

Using razor has become very common for both and women. Instead nowadays women use the razors more for their waxing then men. Removal of tiniest hair from the skin to Bikini wax all can be done by the Gillette razors. The all new Gillette Venus Spa Breeze is all the way more comfortable for ladies. Shaving your hair is now easier and smoother. The early products were not that bad but the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze is all the way better from all of those. Let us take you to the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze review.

It has a eye catching design and colors which are loved by the ladies. But one important thing is to properly use the razor. We will help you doing so. But before that lets us know about this razor-

The razor has 3 spring mounted blades. It comes with telomer coating and gives shower storage. It is easy to carry and very gentle to shave.

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Review , Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor

How to use Gillette Venus Spa Breeze?

  • The first step is to moisture your skin properly. When the hair in the skin is heavy with water, it is easier for it to fall off. You just simply need to soak the skin part which you want to shave in warm water or under running water for a minute or so.
  • Exfoliation is one important thing you should do before shaving. It removes surface level dead skins and your razor slides through easily.
  • Addition of shaving gel will provide you extra protection and keep the moisture for a long time. This enables Gillette Venus Spa breeze comfort glide in your skin.
  • The final step is to shave properly in all the places you want.


Is the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze affordable? What is the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze review in the price section?

The razor costs 299 rupees and is affordable. Though it is bit expensive in comparison to other razor but it is worthy of the price tag it holds. The Venus Spa Breeze razor blades are of good quality and are not harmful for the skin. You can also get Venus Spa breeze razor blades 4 pack in the market.

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Review , Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor

Gillette Venus Spa breeze review

The razor is packed in a beautiful box. The Venus Breeze  razor cartridge comes separately in a box which you can use as a cap. The razor has a rubber grip and has a beautiful lavender colour. The clip in the packing strongly holds the cartridge in its place. The Venus Breeze razor cartridge have two shave gel bars in it. The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze confirm glide on the skin is the best thing about it. The razor is easy rinse.

The razor is best for shaving the skin. But the lather present in it is not so good for a bikini wax. The razor has 3 blades in it and Venus spa breeze refill is available in the market. The head of the razor moves up and down easily which shows it is flexible.

The razor is capable of removing even the tiniest of the hair on the skin. It leaves a smooth and fresh skin. Even if you shave fast it won’t cause any cut or scar. The moisturizer bars in the head provides a good hydration to the skin. It doesn’t cause any irritation of skin.

The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze review are


  1. It comes with a new and attractive design.
  2. It has inbuilt gel bars.
  3. The gel bars have a floral scent that is beautiful.
  4. It provides you a soft, smooth and silky skin.
  5. The effect of the shave is long.
  6. No irrigation is caused in the skin.
  7. Gillette Venus spa breeze women’s razor refill cartridges are available easily.
  8. It is the best for daily use.


To be honest there’s no such con that will cause much of problem. The only thing is that the shaving gel can get used up before the sharpness loss of the blades.

There are obviously many more razors in the market. So, why should we choose this one only? Let’s see a comparative study between Gillette Venus Spa Breeze review and Embrace.

  • As we have seen the Gillette Venus spa Breeze review, it tells us that the razor has a long and comfortable handle to hold. But in case of embrace the handle is way too short and not comfortable to hold.
  • On the section of Gillette Venus Spa breeze review for price we learnt that the price is affordable. But the Embrace is very expensive.
  • Embrace has easy to change cartridges in comparison to Venus breeze razor cartridges.
  • Both embrace and Venus spa breeze refills.
  • Embrace is extremely light. We came across this same information in Gillette Venus Spa Breeze review also that it is light in weight.
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Review , Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor
Avoid Using the Normal Blade and protect yourself from Cuts and Wounds.

Starter pack for the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor

The razor comes in with 3 blades which are well packed. The razor is accompanied by 3 razor heads. The blade is smooth and glides smoothly in your skin. The pack comes in with 1 shaving  handle. You need not worry about the packing of the product as it is one of the best.

Keeping good care of your health is very important. One important thing that comes under taking care of your health is a good care of skin. A healthy skin is very important and so you should regularly wash, shave and moisturize your akin with good products.

And Gillette Venus Spa breeze is our best pick for you to shave your skin. So, don’t compromise with your skin and health both. So finally its time for the discount coupon of Gillette Venus Spa breeze. Buy Gillette Venus Spa breeze on Discount from

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