Friends Adult Diapers Review

Friends Adult Diapers Review

It is a common misconception that adult diapers are only required for people who have medical conditions. Adults or old people who are suffering through any disease and cannot move on their own are draped in these adult diapers so that they do not have to put in a lot of efforts to take care of their business. The best adult diaper pants available in the market are ordered only when it is an emergency case like above, however, there is a need to break the stereotype and make use of these diapers whenever you get the opportunity to.

How Useful Adult Diaper Pants Are?

Adult diaper pants have been found useful in pampering patients who either find it difficult to move or cannot move at all. It has been a great tool for those suffering from paralysis. Other than that, adult diaper pants can be used normally as well. Some people find it really hard to control their urge to pee and this problem often causes great discomfort when they are a part of a meeting or sitting with a crowd in cinema halls. This can be taken care of by using an adult diaper as it will soak in the fluid and will not let you feel wet down there.

About Friends Overnight Adult Diaper Pants

Friends Adult Diaper Pants have made a name for themselves in the market as they have consistently improved the quality of the diapers they are manufacturing. A lot of people have chosen these diapers over the other options simply because of the quality of their products. Friends Adult Diaper Pants is now available in large and extra large sizes with three new major feature being the odor lock, the antibacterial property and the sixteen hours long protection against wetting yourself. These adult diaper pants can be used by people between the ages 25 to 60 and above if the need should arise.

Friends Overnight Adult Diaper Pant Review

This variant of friends adult diaper pant is a huge improvement over the previous version. While the premium version of friends adult diapers have the customer a ten hours protection. This variant claims sixteen hours of protection and does deliver the same. The diapers are easy to wear as there is only a small process involved of taping it around the waist. It can be worn just like an undergarment. The fabric of the diaper is smooth and does not feel itchy or prickly when you relieve yourself. Also, it can be worn by both men and women.

The diaper is highly resistant against getting wet. The reason being that it contains and locks the liquid in its layer and converts it into a gel like substance which does not gives out any smell. Being smell free and dry is yet another advantage which has led to its rising demand among the masses. The material used in making the diaper is as smooth as it is absorbent. The quality of diaper is also increased by the fact that it is free of leaks and does not bulge out, which means, you can wear one and roam around without worrying about it.

How to Use the Diapers

The process of using these diapers is not very complicated. All you need to do is pull it up just like you do with your undergarments and you will find tapes attached along the waistband of the diapers. Use those tapes to tighten the diapers around your waist and you will be ready to go.

The Good Things

  1. The Sizes: The diaper is available in sizes of large and extra-large which a decent fit is for people of all ages. Also, if somebody thinks that the product might be oversized for them then it can be taken care of by using the tapes provided along the waistband of the diapers.
  1. The Antibacterial Feature: There is a high risk of getting bacterial infection in your sensitive areas when you use such products. These diaper pants make sure that you do not have to go through any terrible experience as they have incorporated this antibacterial feature in their product.
  1. No Odor: The unpleasant feeling of smelling bad with people around you is something that you want to avoid and this has been taken care of by friends adult diaper pants.
  1. The Fabric: The fabric used in making these pants is really amazing. It is highly absorbent and does not feel rough at all. It is smooth and feels.
  1. Indicator: The diapers come with an indicator which changes color and let’s you know that it is time you change it.
  1. Life: The Company claims sixteen hours for the diapers usefulness. Well, the claim is not wrong and the diapers actually lasted that long without giving any troubles. It is definitely an attraction for those who want durable diapers.

The Bad Things

  1. The Price: For a pack of thirty adult diaper pants, the company is charging you a little more than necessary. The prices could have been a bit less and that would definitely increase the number of buyers.
  1. The Leak Guard: The leak guard, while a great feature, is not as good as it should be. It could be because the leak guard is either poorly designed or the build does not fit with the size of the thighs of different individuals.
  1. Quality of Fabric: The fabric used is definitely of good quality but it could have been a lot better. It could have been more absorbent and smooth.


Friends Overnight Adult Diaper Pants are one of the best adult diaper pants available in the market at this point. Being able to last for sixteen hours while absorbing the urine is definitely a good thing. The diaper also comes with an indicator which helps you know when the right time to change it is. The fabric being soft is also an important feature. It could have been softer but it is still okay in this price segment. These diapers are highly recommended and must be used if the need ever arises. These are if not the best then one of the best adult diaper pants available right now. On a scale of five, these diapers have been rated four from our end.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I use adult diaper pants when I am in my mid thirties?

Well, being in your mid thirties definitely means you are an adult and if you think that you need these diaper pants, then you must get yourself some. It is a misconception that only the old and diseased wear diaper pants. Anyone who feels the need of these pants can wear them without the fear of getting judged.

  1. Will I get bacterial infection in my private parts because of them staying in contact with my urine as I am wearing adult diapers?

Friends Overnight Adult Diapers come with antibacterial properties which means that even after wearing the diaper for long periods of time, you won’t get any bacterial infection down there. They are safe to wear and only mean to give you a better hygiene.

  1. What about the smell?

You must not worry about the smell. Friends Overnight Adult Diaper Pants come with the technology to absorb and convert your urine into a gel like substance which does not give away any bad smell.

  1. How well does the diaper go with sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin and prone to rashes when subjected to moisture, then most people would ask you to not wear a diaper pant as it might cause you trouble. But, Friends Overnight Adult Diaper Pants have used a really smooth fabric which does not feel rough at all. Thus, you can try these on even if you have a sensitive skin.

  1. How Do I Wear Adult Diapers?

If you have ever pampered a kid and changed their diaper then you would know that it is quite a task. However, the same does not hold true with adult diapers. They are easy to wear and can be kept in place by the help of tape provided on the waistband.

  1. Where can I buy these diaper pants from?

You must order Friends Overnight Adult Diaper Pants only from a trusted e-commerce website like where it is available at a highly discounted price.

Adult Diapers have become the need of the hour as many individuals have been facing health issues which need them to relieve themselves at frequent time intervals. It is not possible for some to do so and that is where adult diaper pants come in to help them. Using these pants ensure that they can sit for long duration in a setting where they cannot move to take care of their personal business. If you ever think that you need adult diaper pants, then do not let any societal pressure stop you from getting one, because in the end it is you who is going to get benefited from them.

More Products By Friends Diapers

Friends Premium Adult Diapers Product Review

A product from the house of Nobel Hygiene, Friends Premium Adult Diaper is an excellent addition in adult diaper pants. When you choose to buy these adult diaper pants, you can be sure that you are buying one of the best adult diaper pants available in the market. The application and relevance of adult diaper pants is far more higher than it ever was as the number of patients in hospitals are rising due to the surge in Covid 19 cases, people have to pick up a pack of adult diapers for their wards.

The Good Things

  • Nobel Hygiene claims a ten hour life for the said product and it has sincerely performed for the mentioned time period which certainly leaves a good impression.
  • The absorbent nature of the fabric used in making these diapers is decently high. It is because of this property that you will not feel any kind of moisture which may cause rashes in the sensitive area. Also, the fluid is locked in the pants in form of gel which makes the pants odor free.
  • Another great feature of this product is that they are anti-leakage diaper pants. Your urine will not find any way to escape because of this property.

The Bad Things

  • The price could have been a bit less. For a pack of three the customer is expected to pay ₹999 which is a bit more than what other pants with similar features available in the market charge.
  • The fabric of the diaper pants could have been softer so that even when the pants are not wet, they will not feel prickly on the inside.

Final Verdict

On a scale of one to five, Friends Premium Adult Diaper Pants have secured a decent score of three and a half of five points.

Friends Maternity Pad Product Review

If someone you know is about to explore what the joy of motherhood is, then Friends Maternity Pad manufactured by Nobel Hygiene can be considered a great way to express your support. These maternity pads can be used during and after the pregnancy to make sure that the mother to be does not have to experience any terrible situation. These pads provide great relief to the user as they are one of the best maternity pads available in the market as they are made of smooth fabric, highly absorbent, prevent any possible leakage and antibacterial in nature.

The Good Things

  • The fabric used in these maternity pads is designed quite intricately and therefore provide exceptional absorbency. The liquid is converted into a gel which is completely free of odor and does not smell bad.
  • The anti-leakage property of maternity pads makes them a great product because during pregnancy the urges to do certain things get out of control sometimes which may cause leaks.
  • Being antibacterial, these maternity pads are safe to wear as they will not be the reason behind any bacterial infection which may make one feel uneasy.

The Bad Things

  • There is not much to report against here as these pants provide amazing features at a great price. However, the fabric could have been smoother and more durable.

The Final Verdict

Friends Maternity Pads is a good product. It fulfills its purpose with decent efficacy and delivers what it has promised the customers. It is a nice alternative to adult diaper pants which some pregnant women wear during pregnancy as it is lighter than them. On a scale of one to five, Friends Maternity Pads have secured a decent rating of four. If the manufacturers were a little more concerned about the fabric used in making these pads, the product could have scored five out of five.

Friends Classic Under pads

We have to face so many challenges as humans, Nobel Hygiene’s Friends Classic Underpads is an honest effort to help us face one of these challenges. If you are concerned about your kid’s personal hygiene and wellness then you must try these finely crafted underpads which provide protection against leakage and leave no drop of liquid unturned into a gel like substance. Available in the dimensions of 60×90 centimeters, these underpads make sure that you do not have to feel unpleasant when your kid is sleeping on these. They are highly recommended for newborn kids and those who are in their growing years.

The Good Things

  • These underpads are antibacterial in nature which means that you can be free of worrying about your kid getting rashes and bacterial infection while using these.
  • The absorbency of these underpads is unbelievably exceptional as it absorbs every drop of liquid and converts it into a gel like substance which does not give away any unpleasant smell.
  • The size is sufficient enough to give room for a kid and does not feel short when the kid twists and turns in its sleep.

The Bad Things

  • The underpads are not quite reusable and they do not have any purpose after they have been used once.
  • The price again is an issue. For this size, the price could have been a bit lower than they have marked.

The Final Verdict

Apart from the fact that these underpads provide protection against wetness because of its absorbency, the property of remaining smell free has played a big role in determining its rating because kids dislike wetness and odor. Friends Classic Underpads take care of these two things brilliantly thus they get a decent rating of four on a scale of one to five. They could have gotten five out of five if they could be used once more after first use and more durable.

Friends Classic Under pads Large Size Pack of Three Product Review

Friends Classic Underpads now come in a pack of three in a large size which is meant to take care of the sleeping experience of adults who have developed the problem of urinating in their sleep. To ensure that the urine is absorbed properly, the material used in making these underpads is intensively absorbent and converts the liquid into a gel like substance. The underpads are available in a pack of three for an affordable price and you can order them whenever you feel the need to.

The Good Things

  • The size of the underpads is big enough to accommodate a fully grown adult and does not get wrinkles due to their movements when they are sleeping.
  • The absorbency of the material used in making these underpads is truly amazing.
  • They are leakage free.
  • The liquid is converted into an odorless gel.
  • The antibacterial feature does not let you get any bacterial infection in your sensitive areas.
  • The material used is ultra thin and does not let you feel anything while using it.

The Bad Things

  • The material used could have been smoother.
  • The underpads could be used at least twice would have been really great.
  • The pricing of the product could have been a bit less.


The Final Verdict

While Friends Classic and Premium Underpads’ large size is definitely an upgrade, they do lag behind in the points mentioned above. The underpads are available in a pack of three with each pack having ten underpads, but if it weren’t for the price of the package, the product would have gotten a perfect rating of five out of five. But right now, it stands at four out of five which is not that bad considering the quality of the product and how useful it can turn out to be.

Friends Classic Adult Dry Pants Large and Medium Size Product Review

Friends Classic Adult Dry Pants have made quite a name for themselves since they were launched. This product is manufactured by Nobel Hygiene and it is one of the best adult dry pants available in the market because of its unprecedented absorbent capacity and antibacterial ability. These pants fall under the category of adult diapers as they cater the same purpose, however, it is not necessary that only the diseased can use them. A healthy person who has trouble in controlling their urge to urinate can use these dry pants as well.

The Good Things

The ability to absorb the liquid and locking it in after converting it into a gel like substance is a useful merit of these dry pants.

The antibacterial feature of these dry pants is beyond exceptional as they do not leave any chance for the bacteria to get to your sensitive areas.

The pants are available in two sizes, medium and large, fitting every waist size of both men and women.

The dry pants are odorless.

They are free of leakages.

The Bad Things

The pricing might turn off some people as they might find themselves unable to afford these.

The smoothness of the fabric could have been better.

The Final Verdict

Friends Classic Adult Dry Pants is a successful product and does not disappoint at all. It sticks to all the parameters that an adult dry pant should follow to make it a good adult dry pants. There are a few areas in which they could have improved but those areas are covered by Friends Economic Adult Diapers which is another great product. On a scale of one to five, these dry pants have secured a rating of four points which is definitely an excellent rating for an equally excellent product.

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