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Are you going to sell sugared water for the whole of your life or do you want to change the way people live”

Imagine a portion of, a new vibrant sector, people full of energy and vitality and an atmosphere of team spirit, freedom and fun!!Biggbull Mart invites you to taste it and change the “way we live”. Our vision is to become the “Most Admired Biggbull Mart in India”. We are consciously building our organization and brand as a competitive edge in the market place. Our unique value proposition for all our employees is being built around the following themes:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Inclusive meritocracy
  • Commitment to a published value system
  • Learning opportunities
  • Career growth
  • Fun at work
  • Financial rewards
  • Ability to influence change

As an employee of the organization, “you have a voice”. We have quarterly town halls and “let’s talk” sessions which provide connectivity with the big picture to employees and also help to poll in valuable employee feedback.

In today’s day and age we firmly believe that the strongest safety net available to any employee is his/her competency set. We continuously challenge employees with new opportunities, ability to expand their potential and influence change in the organization.

We create “fun at work” and constantly endeavour to outdo ourselves at it. Each party is different and eagerly awaited, every achievement is a celebration and there are no barriers when it comes to letting our hair down.
If you are interested in an opportunity to grow and challenge your limits, mail your resume to and hook yourself to become a part of the organization which will change the way this type business is done in India.

If there is a match, we could be your “Taste It Believe It”.

Work Culture

The Way We Work Here
Biggbull Mart is a young vibrant company, proud of the excellent track record it has created for itself in a relatively short period of time. BIGGBULL have today become one of the most aggressive players in the diversified domain. A key factor in our success has been our ability to attract some of the most talented people in any industry.BIGGBULL in many ways are a lens to India. We represent rich diversity in our workforce and this is reflected in our open work environment. Within this diversity we have successfully created a strong emotional bond, which threads everyone together irrespective of his or her function, location, seniority or background. This identification with one organization and one purpose draws its strength from our simple and powerful Vision statement, which is to become the “Most Admired Group Of Companies in India”.By developing structure, systems and a workplace culture that provides challenging jobs, rewards performance and delivers opportunities continuously, BIGGBULL is striving to get the best out of its most valuable asset — its people.

Our “in house culture recipe” has some of the finest ingredients going into its making. Some of the more prominent aspects of our culture are stated below:

  •  The customer comes first
  • ·Do it right the first time
  • Bias for result oriented action
  • Financial strength and discipline
  • Clarity of purpose
  • International quality standards
  • Inclusive meritocracy
  • Learning opportunities
  • Fun at work
  • Commitment to published value system

At BIGGBULL, we endeavour to create an environment where everyone can reach their full potential and to do their jobs effectively for our customers. We encourage learning at all levels and career stages which support personal and professional development. The organisation provides all the right elements that you need to get to the top with ample fun and learning opportunities as added advantage.

We believe that work is fun, when you enjoy it the most. To make work more fun, we provide a dynamic, fast paced and flexible work environment to our people. We nurture the relationships through celebrating our people’s happiness, hobbies, achievements, and festivals through Biggbull Fun club.

Finally it would be appropriate to say that the cornerstones for all our interactions and behaviours are the BIGGBULL Values and Beliefs. These are non-negotiable behaviours that breathe life and vigor into the organization and its Vision. Our values influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues; as well as the way we serve our clients and engage with all our stakeholders. BIGGBULL recognizes the need for appreciation for demonstrating our core values through individual behavior. We provide a platform in the form of the Cultural Ambassador to recognize employees demonstrating our values of Caring, Honesty, Excellence, Knowledge, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Possibly then the best way to explain the DIVAS culture would be to share our BIGGBULL Values and Beliefs.

BIGGBULL MART Values and Beliefs

In every aspect of work. Ranging from the in-house training institute to the detailed Personal Training Plan. Biggbull Mart is focused on achieving the highest standards of quality in every aspect of their business.

Is the heart of the our business. Biggbull believes that above all, business is based on Trust. Transparency, Dependability and Integrity will form the cornerstones of the Biggbull Mart experience.

Is what makes experts. Biggbull Mart is focused on the life insurance business. Perfectly combining global expertise with local knowledge, Biggbull Mart is the Indian Business Specialist.

For the customer. Biggbull Mart is redefining the life insurance paradigm to focus on the needs of the customers. The Biggbull service process is responsive, personalized, humane and empathetic.

Job Oppurtunities

Use the drop down menu below and apply directly to a job posting ( at HO = Head Office at Delhi or; at Branch = Branch Offices – branches across the country) and we will revert to you, in case we find a job that suits your credentials.

Employee Speaks

Sunil Kumar Sharma, Asst. Manager- Marketing-Zonal

“Working with BIGGBULL has changed perception about corporate life. It is not ‘Jungle Out There’. It is an organization where one can work passionately and dare to dream big. It is an organization where one can plan their long innings of growth. One important thing about BIGGBULL is if one has will, this organization gives you the time and shows the way. On personal front, working with BIGGBULL has changed my views about life.”

Deepika, Assistant Manager- Customer Services

“My association of 4 years with BIGGBULL has been a revelation of sorts. While there are the more talked about merits like a great working environment, great people, great culture, learning and growth opportunities, but to my mind the strongest glue for me is the fact that my capabilities, talents and competence is recognized and given platforms to. I feel so……..wanted and acknowledged!”

Sanjay Kumar Thakur, Asst. Manager-Training (Additional Distribution)

Nothing can ever be more satisfying than the fact that I am a part of this beautiful family of BIGGBULL for the last 1 years now. Without any reservation, I can claim to say, I am a proud member of Biggbull Industries Limited as this company has not only made me professionally strong but also given me an identity as a person in my personal life.

With the kind of cultural values BIGGBULL has imbibed in me, it has become more of an extended family to me. Hence, I strongly recommend people around to be a part of this great company which has already earned international acclaim & is growing by leaps & bound.”

Pankaj Kumar Jha, Team Leader- Marketing

I have been working with BIGGBULL from last 40 months and I have realized that BIGGBULL has what it takes to bring out the best in you .This is not a usual company nor a mere job it is a career in the fullest sense of word. BIGGBULL let you grow while you are aiding its growth.

Wherever you go, BIGGBULL brand goes with you. BIGGBULL are the best self introduction a professional can have. The name BIGGBULL opens doors for you”

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