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Why to buy Venus Razor for women, top selling razor in India.

Hello My Name is Kanika Sharma and today I am going to tell you about the Gillette Venus Razor for Women. When it comes to Women hygiene, Gillette Venus razor is one of the top-selling female’s brands of razors for women globally. Nearly more than 40 million women are using their products with satisfaction.

Gillette products are intelligently designed to fit all lifestyles, whether you want a great relaxing shave, a pampering experience, or a quick job on-the-go. Gillette Venus manufactured Razors inspire all women to bring out the diva inside them and makes them feel like beautiful women.

Best Razor for Women

A Gillette Venus Razor is perfect for women of all ages, as they are quite simple to operate. This blade, which has been made shower safe, also comes with extra blades, each in their packet to ensure cleanliness and hygiene! We should not miss the fact that Venus refill cartridges can be filled up with any blade made by Venus! The Gillette Venus Razor for women comes with 1 Cartridge and 1 Refill, making sure you’re stocked up.

Venus razor for women, enjoy your shave.

The three blades are overwhelmed inside totally soft cushions that help make for one of the smoothest shaves you will ever have. The twisting circular head of the razor has been optimized to be able to reach hard to reach areas.

Gillette Venus razor for women

One must know if they are getting the best shave they can by merely noticing the incredibly useful indicator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E! It comes with a sleek handle and has been slip proofed to guarantee the ultimate experience, so go ahead and enjoy the best shave you will ever have!

Venus razor for women, Total Comfort

You can witness every single hair being cut thoroughly, with the Gillette Venus even being able to cut bikini hair without any problem! 3 Blades: You will find a total of three blades, meant for maximum comfort. This is one of the very first 3-Blade designs for women and is quite revolutionary, a fact supported by women worldwide! When you buy Venus razor, it contains a protective cushion so you can clean yourself in just one stroke! It’s the perfect razor for getting the flawless, smooth skin! Protective Cushions: It consists of the Protective cushions for a virtually nick-free shave.

Venus razor for Women with Interchangeable refills.

It gently smooths your skin out so that you can get a nice, smooth shave. Interchangeable Refills: Refill razor cartridges can fit in any Venus handle and is very Easy-to-change razor cartridges. Try following the below steps for the best Gillette Venus shave: Firstly, soak the area you’re planning to shave in water for 2-3 minutes, and leave them to soften it After this, the second thing is to use shaving to get a nice and good lather on the area.

Gillette Venus razor for women

The shave gel benefits help the water stay in the hair, which in turn makes sure that the razor slithers over your skin easily and quickly, while also providing some protection against nicks and cuts You should always try for a light touch, and never press down, as that’s what causes nicks and cuts. If you’re going to shave your legs, do it from the ankle up. This razor is best suited to being used for shaving your underarms, and also allows you to shave from all angles- upwards, downwards and sideways. After shaving, you must always remember to moisturize.

Venus Razor for Women with skin moisturizing Features

Glide strip with the goodness of aloe Vera extracts and vitamin e the very flexible and pivot-able helps in shaving those extremely hard to reach areas and offers an unmatched level of convenience. Curved head with three adjustable, and movable too, blades that can shave. Even excellent hair Rubber handle with secure grip making it easy to use the razor in the shower. Removes all hair without having any of the pain, or any of the harmful chemicals.

Gillette Venus Razor Pros:-

  • Shaving is a pain-free and fast way to remove unwanted hair Easy to carry, and a shaver will be available anywhere.
  • At home or anywhere, without any assistance.
  • With the entrance these types of shavers and epilators it has entirely simplified the entire process of saving.
  • Neither water nor gel is required to complete the job as it was earlier.
  • It is a mostly cheap way of removing hair.
  • While razors are not expensive by themselves, electric razors are a low-cost investment that guarantees returns.
  • Shaving can make the entire world of difference in a beauty emergency, when going to the parlour is not efficient

Gillette Venus Razor Cons:-

  • – Saving sometimes can irritate your skin, and can also leave it feeling dry and itchy.
  • Shaving is not a permanent solution at all, and you may have to shave quite frequently.
  • Saving mostly results in a lot of undergrowth of hair.
  • Your hair grows inside the skin and leaves a black spot on the skin itself.
  • Shaving is typically most likely to result in nicely thicker and darker looking hair.

Gillette Venus razor for women, Get freedom from scissors and pain.

My Personal Experience with Venus Razor

  • I found it Superb and easy to use, it removes hair at one swipe Superb and worth the money.
  • The product is as per the description and is very good to use as promised.
  • I used it soon after it was delivered (was curious to use it) anyway, it eases my job of shaving hair nice.
  • The razor’s blades are very sharp and slim build.
  • Girls you should be very cautious when using the razor for shaving, or you will probably end up receiving a lot of cuts.
  • How it uses my take is I used it with a very light hand.
  • Trust me when I’m saying light side means lesser force just like a baby.
  • My arms and legs hairs are removed by it at one swipe.
  • Needn’t use over n over (that is my experience though) well that also depends on the hair growth too.

And at the end.

I have very less hair on my body so it might be the reason that one swipe was enough for me to remove most of the unwanted hair. Still, if you are feeling hairy, then my suggestion is, don’t hurry.  Take your time to complete the job and I am pretty sure that a 2nd or 3rd swipe should be enough to remove most, if not all, of the hair. You can use different types of conditioners underwater. You could also scrub yourself before using the razor both suggestions are pretty good.  I tried all of them, and would recommend to all, worth the money.

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