Corporate Profile

Established in 1997, Biggbull Mart divisions having specialization in Sales, Cargo, Finance, Infotech and Consultancy. The Company is managed by Qualified & Experienced Professionals. 

Our Goal is to provide quality Services in Our Area of Operation to Build Ever Lasting Relationship.

The Biggbull Mart is a set of divisions endowed with exceptional foresight and acumen to develop strategic growth areas in the sphere of Sales, Cargo, Finance, Infotech and Consultancy.

The Biggbull Mart has been consistently moving towards a high growth performance and adding feathers to its cap along the way in its ever upward climbing growth.

We provide easy access for individuals to prime quality products in every step of life. The key to our success is our highly experienced team of quality experts who exhaustively research & identify the very best quality products. So we can say that “Quality is our priority” and “Taste it to believe it”

We creating exceptional medium term “services” those provide by us to our clients. This culture informs our corporate culture holistically, encompassing everything we do. It has led to what we believe are some of the highest client services standards that we have ever witnessed in a business environment.

We claim to have provided economically viable, structurally sound & architecturally beautiful homes a very long list of our satisfied customers .We stand committed to the development of an integrated well planned secure & stable housing complex, where no stone is to be left unturned to inculcate the spirit of commitment & community welfare.

Vision & Mission

“Explore and enhance the quality of products for people through our business by providing products and services of aspired attributes with competitive rates, and by rendering resources for economic development.”

“A trans-nationally competitive financial conglomerate of significance to societies and Pride of India.”

Biggbull Social Responsibilities

The company donates a part of the total money earned in a year, to Biggbull Foundation of India at the end of the year.

Biggbull Mart has been instrumental in changing the paradigm of business in India. It is the first company in India to introduce cause related marketing.

Children are at the very heart of Biggbull Mart strategy. Biggbull Foundation Children’s of India is internationally recognized for its work in giving underprivileged children a wholesome life.The mission of Biggbull Foundation is “to help orphaned and abandoned children, by providing them with a family, a permanent home, education and strong foundation for an independent life.” It’s mission ties in with Biggbull Mart’ philosophy of helping people secure the future of their near and dear ones.

BIGGBULL employees at a painting competition at Biggbull Foundation

Biggbull Mart employee visits to Biggbull Foundation are organized regularly to generate a sense of ownership and involvement among employees.

Mahesh Kumar, making an annual commitment to Biggbull Foundation

Biggbull Mart has also instituted the B-trophy for the Most Socially Responsible Student at Biggbull Foundation Children’s . which displays and shows caring and a social responsibility towards his/her schoolmates or on a larger stage.



Encouraging the young and the under privileged artist and to give them exposure among the music and art lover to spread over music and singing arts and to honor the artists and talents. We encourage the young artist by conducting various stage shows and musical competition where all eligible artists are awarded .

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